We all know about the benefits of proper nutrition. Tasty and healthy food – the key to good health and a slender figure. But did you think about what your skin eats? Weleda offers a series of products that provide its intensive food.

Cream-Butter for the body Skin Food

The pioneer among the brands of natural cosmetics, Weleda released Skin Food back in 1926. This tool has gained popularity in Europe. Time passed, the volume of cosmetic bags increased, and the secret of her favorite cream was still transmitted from mother to daughter. Over the past two decades, Skin Food has become a real must-have among English-speaking celebrities: top models, Hollywood stars and musicians unanimously call him one of their favorites.

Universal nutrient cream Skin Food Light

Also, the brand experts improved the formula by creating a Skin Food Light cream. The texture of the cream has become easier, Skin Food Light is intensively nourishes and instantly moisturizes the skin, making it delicate and smooth. There are still no artificial preservatives, only natural components. This is the fundamental position of Weleda.

A complex of soothing extracts of organic chamomile, calendulas and violets gives a feeling of comfort, sunflower seed oil is intensively nourish, and the tonic extract of rosemary refreshes even the most weary and dull skin.

Lip balm Skin Food Lip Butter

When creating a lip balm, Skin Food Lip Butter, a set of natural components tested for decades. The balm serves as a reliable protection against negative external factors and provides intensive nutrition and protection for dry and cracked lips. Violet extract contains anthocyanic glycosides and essential oil, which effectively heals cracks on the lips. Chamomile extracts and calendulas protect and soothe the skin of the lips, preventing irritation. Suitable for people who do not use gluten.

Skin Food universal nutrient cream

This is 100% natural and multifunctional product. Throughout its 90-year history, Skin Food was used as an ideal care tool: primer and a highlighter, cutting care, a nourishing mask for the face, hands and ends of the hair, lip balm, protection from wind and cold, healing of cracks and abrasions that softens mitigatingcream for elbows and knees.

The cream continues the traditions of WeLEDA and with the help of medicinal plants helps the


skin fill the lack of nutrients. Thanks to the special composition of vegetable oils, it penetrates deeply and regenerates skin cells even in coarse areas: elbows, knees, heels. A complex of soothing extracts of organic chamomile, calendulas and violets gives a feeling of comfort, and the tonic extract of rosemary refreshes the weary and dull skin. At the heart of a delicate aroma – warm notes of essential oils of sweet orange and lavender.

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